NMS Holding manages and owns multiple
businesses in three key business sectors.

These sectors include franchise restaurants of different brands, commercial real estates, and Information Technology. Its restaurant sector business has multiple well known American brands, which are IHOP, DQ Grill & Chill, Sarku Japan, Flip’d and Popeyes. NMS Holding is proud to be part of the American iconic brands; IHOP, DQ Grill  Chill (Dairy Queen) and Popeyes. It’s Information Technology business is under the umbrella of Universolutions and has extensive experience developing and deploying information mordernization projects for several government agencies. The real estate business is predominantly focused on owner occupied business and currently it owns multiple locations. There are also multiple sites in development phase at present. The corporate headquarters of NMS Holding is in Springfield, Virginia, USA. Its franchise restaurants are located in multiple states expanding from Delaware to Virginia.

NMS holding is proud to say that it has generated jobs in several local communities and employs over 600 people.

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