About Us

The owners of NMS Holding are in the industry where they consider their assets are people who have been with them delivering excellent services. Two brothers Dr. Deepak Shrestha and Dr. Sunil Shrestha, who are founders, have been actively involved in businesses and are proudly generating jobs to over 600 people in the local communities.

For their franchise restaurant businesses, they have divided their business in three geographical regions as follows:

  1. North Region:
    1. Maryland: Baltimore county, Baltimore City, Ann Arundel County, Howard County and Frederick county in Maryland , and
  2. Central Region:
    1. Maryland: Prince George and Montgomery county
    2. Virginia: Loudon and Prince William county
  • South Region
    1. Virginia: Richmond city, Henrico county and Chesterfield county
Deepak Shrestha

Dr. Deepak Shrestha is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He mainly oversees overall operations, finance and training of the business in addition to other business matters.

Dr. Deepak Shrestha received Ph.D. from University of Maryland, Masters degree from Tokyo university and Bachelor in Civil Engineering from National Institute of Technology.

Sunil 1

Dr. Sunil Shrestha is the President of the company. He mainly oversees all new development/constructions, business expansions, information technology and marketing of the businesses in addition to other business matter.

Dr. Sunil Shrestha received his Ph.D. and Masters degree from the George Washington University and Bachelor from National Institute of Technology.